Servicing & Inspection

At Oceanauts Diving we service and inspect a range of diving equipment. It is generally recommended that all diving equipment is serviced on an annual basis to maintain good working order and identify faults.

Please contact us directly too book in your equipment for servicing:
Whatsapp: +44 7479051453

Below is a breakdown of the most common costs for servicing.


First Stage - £25.00 plus manufacturer's service kit

Second Stage / autoair / air2 -  £15.00 plus manufacturer's service kit

  • Regulator Oxygen Servicing may be carried out at the same time as a routine service at no extra cost. Please note that only makes and models recommended for Oxygen use will be cleaned. Manufacturer's Oxygen service kits may be more expensive than standard air components.

Low pressure inflator/ drysuit connection servicing - £2.00 plus parts

High Pressure contents gauge swivel servicing - £2.00 plus parts


Servicing -  £35

  • Inspection, all dumps checked and serviced. LPI hose and connection inspected and serviced. Positive and negative pressure check.


Visual Inspection and valve servicing - £35 (plus manufacturer service kit)

  • Manifolded twin sets are charged at the above rate per cylinder plus £20 plus parts for the manifold. This also covers the disassembly and reassembly of the twinning bands
  • Oxygen Clean servicing can be carried out at the same time for an additional £18
  • New contents sticker included
  • Internal cleaning will be charged at £15 per cylinder (if required).