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360 Observe Mirror

360 Observe Mirror

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The product is dedicated to all the lovers and fans of diving, irrespective of how advanced they are. Experienced divers, without losing control over a group, will be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Less experienced divers, for whom controlling the equipment is still a challenge, will learn effortlessly to take responsibility for their diving companions.


  • a convex mirror catches the image of an extensive area despite its compact size
  • since it is light, raising your hand will not be tiring
  • attached bungee – the easiest and the most reliable way for attaching the mirror is integrated with your hand so it does not limit you from using you or your partner’s equipment
  • the edge around the mirror protects it from scratching
  • the best quality ABS plastic will not damage your equipment.
  • Improves safety and comfort of diving, makes communication easier, allows for a constant and effortless control over a group
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