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Black Devil 60 Retraction Wing

Black Devil 60 Retraction Wing

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BLACK DEVIL 60 Retraction Wing

A classic horseshoe wing with silicone retraction bands for multifunctional use. Like all Scubaforce Wings, the Black Devil Retraction leaves nothing to be desired regarding quality and functionality. The retraction bands of high-quality silicone elastomer (bungees) offer several advantages.

First, they avoid unnecessary air movements, known from unlaced wings, when changing position. The bungees support air release, but due to the chosen material, they prevent oral inflating, neither above nor underwater.

As a rule, the Wing is laced by the bungees to a smaller width than the shoulders of the diver. This reduces not only water resistance but also the risk of snagging. By omitting or adding bungees, the diver can influence both horizontal and vertical trim. Because of the bungees, the Scuba Force Black Devil Wing can be used with mono and double units.

It is also very popular with rebreathers thanks to its compact design. Of course, the Black Devil Wing can also be dived without bungees, and the flatlock bungee attachment is so unobtrusive that it is only noticeable on closer inspection.


  • 18 litres buoyancy (40Ibs)
  • Mono as well as twin sets
  • Ideal for rebreather
  • Dual retraction wings
  • Double shell donut wings
  • Outer material: 1000 Cordura
  • Zipper: removal of the bladder
  • Quick release as usual at the bottom left
  • K- Power inflator left with metal buttons
  • Embroidered logos on the inside
  • lnflater hose included
  • Available in: Black
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