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Peregrine Dive Computer

Peregrine Dive Computer

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With its simple, intuitive layout, easy-to-navigate full colour LCD, simple two button control the Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer is simply the best dive computer on the market if you're not using a rebreather or need Helium.

With its air, 3-gas nitrox and gauge modes, as well as Shearwater's reliable full decompression support, the Shearwater Peregrine dive computer is an exceptional value future generation dive computer.

This low profile robust unit is undoubtedly the best dive computer in the market for recreational multiple dives and decompression diving with a great screen,  simple dive modes, vibration alerts and easy wireless charging as well as bluetooth Shearwater Cloud support. 
Adventure Edition now available in stylish Dark and Light variants

Ever thought of having an all singing and dancing (but far more expensive) Shearwater Perdix dive computer yet didn't need the hassle of using Helium or rebreathers?

Or just simply want Shearwater reliability for day to day recreational diving as a second unit with exceptional value? This is it!... The Shearwater Peregrine will give you all that and even more. 

Shearwater Peregrine dive computer gas modes

The Shearwater Peregrine is ideal for decompression and no-decompression diving, multiple recreational dives with Shearwater's tested and proven reliable algorithm working in the background.

You'll be able to use this dive computer with 4 modes:

  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • 3 Gas Nitrox
  • Gauge

What do the gas modes mean?

If you're diving air, the computer will base your dive on 21% O2. If you're diving Nitrox, all you have to do with a couple of button presses is to tell the computer what your O2 is (i.e. 32%, 36% etc.) As simple as that.

And, you're doing decompression diving using one or two decompression gases for the ascent phase you tell the computer what your bottom gas O2 is, the partial pressure of O2 you use for decompression (i.e. 1.5, 1.6 etc) and the O2 in your decompression stage bottles.

What is gauge mode?

With a screen layout different to gas modes, selecting Gauge Mode will turn the computer into a reliable "bottom timer". Decompression tissues are not tracked in this mode. On dive display the screen will show dive time, maximum depth, average depth, temperature and time. Gauge mode also supports an on-screen Stopwatch if needed. Gauge mode is ideal for free divers as well as making the unit an affordable backup depth gauge and timer for mixed gas gas divers. 

Need more info? Read the features below or download the Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer Manual as you wait to receive your very own unit. You won't have to wait long as we always have plenty of stock of this excellent dive computer!

Shearwater Peregrine dive computer features
  • Full color 2.2” LCD display
  • Rugged rubber bumper
  • Rated to 120m / 390ft
  • Air, Single-gas Nitrox, and multi-gas Nitrox modes
  • Simplified recreational diving modes
  • Full decompression support
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors
  • No lockout for violating deco stops
  • CNS tracking
  • Quick No-deco limit (NDL) planner
  • Full decompression planner
  • Customizable vibration alerts
  • Programmable depth sampling rates
  • Bluetooth dive log uploading to Shearwater Cloud
  • Wireless charging
  • Firmware upgrades over Bluetooth
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