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Saft LS14250 Li-SOCI2 3.6V 1/2AA Battery

Saft LS14250 Li-SOCI2 3.6V 1/2AA Battery

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Saft LS14250 Batteries are high performance batteries which use a special type of chemistry called lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2). They are exactly half the size of a standard AA battery, but provide a nominal voltage of 3.6V.

Due to high energy density, a stable voltage of 3.6V is provided for nearly 100% of the life of the battery making it an excellent choice for demanding professional electronics. When not in use, Saft LS14250 batteries retain a high percentage of charge, losing only 1% in the first storage year. What's more, Saft Batteries operate effectively at very high and low temperatures from -60°C up to +85°C.

Saft LS14250 batteries are a direct high-quality swap for Chinese produced LSG14250 batteries which are also often simply referred to as CR14250 batteries. Handling is convenient and safe due to the non-restricted UN recommendation for transport. No specialist couriers are required.

You will typically find these batteries in the air integrated transmitters of many dive computer manufacturers such as Shearwater and Suunto.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This 1/2AA battery is 3.6V which is a higher voltage than common household 1/2AA batteries. It is only to be in equipment designed for it and will damage equipment requiring regular voltage 1/2AA batteries. It is NOT RECHARGEABLE and attempting to do so is extremely dangerous.

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