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X-Heat Suit

X-Heat Suit

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X-Heat Heating Suit

The Scubaforce X-Heat heating system was developed for the unique requirements of technical diving but is now enjoying increasing popularity with dry sport divers.

The suit, made of light, elastic, washable and breathable Tecnostretch fleece, holds the 100% waterproof, welded-in heating pads ideally
in place. All plug connections and bushings are watertight according to protection class IP68.

This means the heated vest can be used even when the suit is flooded. Due to the processing of woven silver threads, the X-Heat heating pads offer maximum
mobility and “break resistance”! A maximum heating temperature of 44 degrees directly on the pads ensures pleasant warmth on cold and long dives.


Made of high-quality TECNOSTRETCH fleece
Complete from trousers & top
Washable 30°C
Available Sizes:


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