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XR-Rec Single Backmount Set

XR-Rec Single Backmount Set

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The Mares XR-Rec Single Backmount Set is designed to meet the needs of the Extended Range diver.

A diver discovering the world of technical diving will find everything they need for their technical dives in this set.

The set includes two main elements: a donut and a back plate. The donut consists of a silver ballistic nylon outer bag with an oval corrugated hose and a quick-release valve. The outer bag of the donut includes slots for attaching tank straps.

The aluminum back plate also includes a harness with 5 aluminum D-rings for fixing stage cylinders. The strap has padding on the shoulders to make diving more comfortable.

An aluminum, quick-release buckle is attached to the left shoulder strap to facilitate donning and doffing.

Back padding and two comfortable pockets on the waist strap complete the kit.

The complete mounted set includes:
• A silver 16 liter, standard, single tank donut
• A 3mm silver aluminum back plate
• 6mm silver aluminum D-rings
• A 316 silver stainless steel buckle
• A standard harness strap
• A military grade silver aluminum quick-release buckle for the left shoulder
• Two cylinder straps with silver 316 stainless steel buckles
• A handle on the top
• A K-style inflator with metal buttons and an oval corrugated hose
• XR-Rec back and shoulder padding
• Black flat head bolt screws
• 2 detachable side weight pockets with D-rings and VELCRO® Brand closures (one includes an additional extendable pocket)

• Total weight: 3.4 kg

• A single tank set which includes everything you need to discover the world of technical diving
• A single size (completely adjustable harness)
• Perfect for travelling
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