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Black Devil Set Deluxe

Black Devil Set Deluxe

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With the Black Devil Deluxe Set, we have a fully assembled Wing Set ready for single cylinder diving.

For 2023 Scuba Force have significantly expanded the range and made your life much easier.

All sets are delivered fully assembled in a single box.

Unpack, try on, fine-tune, and go diving - it's easy with Scuba Force's new sets!


Mono Wing

This double-shell Donut wing with approx. 15 litres of buoyancy (32 lbs) is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for mono equipment (cylinder size up to 15 litres). The outer material is a sturdy 1000 Cordura with a corresponding full length zipper for the practical removal of the inner bladder.
The embroidered logos are on the inside of the bladder. The two-shell construction provides maximum protection against damage The inflator hose runs as usual over the left shoulder and is equipped with a robust power inflator with metal buttons. This allows quick deflation and, in an emergency, balancing with the help of the mouthpiece.
The quick release of the bladder is located in the usual position at the lower left end of the bladder. This quick release is, therefore, quick and easy for the diver to use in an emergency. For stabilization of the tank, the Wing has four holders, which can also be dived with tension straps only (without Single Tank Adapter). The Wing is very compact and allows a perfect water position and trim.

Comfort Deluxe Harness

The ultimate harness for those who want more. The Comfort Deluxe Harness offers comfort and performance at the absolute top level. Numerous equipment features make it a perfect companion.

The back is heavily padded in the most important places and adapts perfectly to the body. The adjustment options developed by SCUBA FORCE guarantee ONE SIZE FITS ALL without compromise. Comfort clips made of high quality stainless steel bring the webbing into the optimal position and are easy to adjust.

Crotch strap, waist strap, ergonomically shaped shoulder pads, hose holder, stainless steel belt buckle and numerous attachment points ensure that the Comfort Deluxe leaves nothing to be desired. 

Included is the following items:

  • Black Devil Wing 32
  • Comfort Harness Deluxe
  • Camband Type II
  • Available in: red and grey 
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